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This post has become my Wish List for all things that are not available in any of the online stores that have wishlist features. I don't use wishlists the same way as is usually intended. These items and those on my Amazon and ThinkGeek lists are not for others to buy for me. But rather, these items are to remind me of what I would like to buy for myself if/when I have some extra money to spare.

Miscellaneous Artifacts


These rare mutations cost upwards of (USD)$150-200 and are only attempted by serious breeders. It can take quite a few generations and a fair investment upfront to find appropriate cocks and hens before you'll get a chick with the colouring you want. Especially, if you breed humanely and allow for a natural, healthy offspring.

Music not available at

Avalon Music has a lot of Contemporary Classical/Meditative music that I like.

I had my eye on Zen Garden for a long time, but the little gift shop that I usually go to, didn't have it anymore. They get new ones every once in a while. I got Feng Shui instead. It isn't authentic Chinese music, it's contemporary, Chinese-inspired. Nonetheless, it's quite well done. If you're not used to listening to traditional Chinese music to begin with, you couldn't tell.

CDs that I still want:

  • Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi (under "World Music")
  • The Science of Sleep - Steve Wingfield (under "Lifestyle")
  • Indulge: A Day at the Spa - Various Artists (under "Lifestyle")
  • Yoga: Music for Mind, Body & Soul (under "Lifestyle")
  • Sanctuary - Ceòl Mór (under "Celtic")


Old drama series that I grew up with and would like to own:

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