The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Still To Do

  • Ivy
    • confirm the room booking at the Four Points Sheraton
    • pink autograph cloth
    • Lin-side RSVP's
    • buy the car seat and stroller for Christine's baby

  • home
    • bring Top Gun floor layout and start with our friends
    • and Teng-side guests
    • ask Dad to help wash the gold stuff off the autograph
    • cloth
    • two more invitations (Ms. Yeh and Aunt Yu-Mei)
    • Dad & I will go to Aksel's on Saturday to look at
    • Guest Books
    • Chinese Thank-you's
    • My speech
    • get both gowns, shoes for altering
    • jewellery: QiPao and Banquet gown are figured out already, just the white gown left.

  • Thank-you notes: use up my stationery!!!
  • Calabria -> call Maria and tell her we have a cake top
  • go see Mariola

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