The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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For Depression

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1. Go play with userinfoSkippy.
2. Have a Double Coated Tim Tam.

That doesn't cure all, but it helps.

I miscalculated the weeks. userinfoSkippy will be coming home with us from the breeder's in mid-May. He's not being hand fed formula anymore, they're weaning him onto seeds. I forgot to ask the breeder if we can pay for a bag of pellets and get them to wean him onto that so we don't have to switch him over to pellets ourselves once he comes home.

We went over to play with him for a while today. He can step up pretty well now. I've been playing "staircase" with him — hold my finger across his tummy and make him step up onto my finger; then hold the other finger up and make him step up again; repeat. =)

I think this is his first week of not being fed. After we put him back, it was kinda sad to see him making that "I'm hungry" squawking and ambling after us, or the caretaker, thinking that he would be next for feeding. He could see the other birds being fed, but nobody was paying any attention to him.

Poor little guy. But he has to learn to eat on his own. ={

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