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End-of-Project Dinner - Bridges Restaurant

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Another project of mine has ended and the souvenir/marker is on my project rack.

This was a bit of a problem project, but we prevailed. The client's company decided to shelf it, so it has ended. But, that was purely a business decision. The client is veryvery happy with us, calling us one of the best contractors to work with and is pimping us to different divisions in their organization for future projects. =) They knew and acknowledged that they were a part of the problems that arose. It's because they didn't give us clear direction in time, changing their minds, setting stupidly aggressive deadlines that we floundered. They were as supportive as they could be though and we did the best we could under the circumstances.

There is talk of a new/different business relationship with this product, using what we've learned with this project (kind of as a prototype) for a very innovative approach to the whole thing.

In the year that I was on this project, it got really frustrating at times. But if I really disliked this project that much and was at one point almost wishing for it to get canned, why was I feeling down when I heard the client was terminating it at the end of the current contract term? Wrap up work is always a bit depressing.

For the End-of-Project Dinner, we went to Bridges Restaurant at Granville Island. It's between the Burrard and Granville bridges on the water, nice view, good food.

I shared a West Coast Ciuppin platter with someone. There was: lobster, striped bass, scallops, mussels, squid, monkfish, tomato saffron broth, baby fennel, artichokes, olives, chorizo. I like sharing food with someone else. I don't eat much, so I can have my fill, the other person can pig out and there's no wasted food. I hate wasting food more than anything.

*          *          *

My company is also celebrating its 5th Anniversary today.

This morning, I've been loaded up on champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries and I have a new navy blue hoodie in my size. I love my company. =)

I still have work to do... *hic* =}

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