The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Of Course I Am

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You are... Perl!

#!/usr/bin/perl -iake_one_down_pass_it_around:_bottles_of_beer:_on_the_wall:99
for(($t,$a,$b,$i)=split/:/,$^I;$i;print){$_="-$i$a$b,-$i$a,-T$t,-".--$i."$a$b";s/(-1_.*?e)s/$1/g;y/_-/ \n/}#

What programming language are you?

I actually thought I'd turn out to be Prolog... SICStus Prolog, because I thought the Quintus-SICStus joke was funny. =)

BTW, </a></b></a> turned out to be C. =)

Tags: quizzes

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