The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

I Told A Joke

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... and people laughed. This rarely happens. When it does, I write a journal entry about it =D

Most IT companies will name all their servers based on a theme. Some of the ones I've seen in past jobs include: LOTR characters, phobia prefixes, lesser known Simpsons characters (frink was the only one I remember out of that bunch), negative emotions (sad, disgust, misery, fear, etc.), extreme weather conditions (flood, hail, rain, snow, hurricane, typhoon, etc.).

CS at UBC used names of the islands in the Howe Sound: Bowen, Gambier, Keats, Anvil, etc.

Our servers' names at Work are Lighthouse, Microscope and Giraffe.

Someone pondered out loud, "What's the theme here?" These machines had legacy names from the previous incarnation of the company.

"Things with long necks." I said, to the enlightenment of the others. "The next server, then" I continued in a deadpan, "should be 'ParisHilton'."

Well, they all laughed out loud =)

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