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*sigh* So, she was 77g this morning. I think all my organs and innards have gathered into a tight wad in the middle of my body, just under my ribcage.

userinfoHusband Guy tried to handfeed her and the routine hating it, spitting it out, wiping it on something, ensued. =P Husband put her back in her travel cage with seed all over the bottom. He would offer the syringe and that seemed to make her realize that if she didn't eat the seeds, she'd be force fed the yucky formula. So, she ducked down and started eating seeds. That went on for a good while from 0800h to 0900h which was great.

We're thinking that she's just lonely for company because she had all the other birds with her at the breeder's. She'll eat fine when we're around and just after she sees the vet.

I have her at work with me. She's squeeping and trotting back and forth, wanting to come out with me =(

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