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She's 73g this morning. Down from 77g yesterday morning, from 80g, from 84g.

Even with all the pigging out all day yesterday, she's not sustaining her weight. She's otherwise happy, active and playful. Right now, she's rapaciously trying to take the plastic flower button off my shirt.

I'm taking her to the vet one last time. I am not paying to board her there for a few days, that's just more than I wanted to spend.

I'm going back to the breeders to tell them that she's still losing weight and if userinfoSkippy doesn't make it, I want my money back. It isn't due to neglect on my part.

[Update - 1100h]

userinfoSkippy is going to be at the vet all day today for monitoring and they're going to handfeed her twice, but only charge us for one feeding.

I called the breeder again to say that she's still losing weight every day. I understand that they do lose a little weight when they're weaning, but from 84g to 73g is over 10% and that's way too much. EVEN IF she's being playful, active, vocal and eating. And this is costing me a lot more money than I had planned.

I did get a verbal agreement that if she doesn't live, we will get our money back. And they're also willing to either take Skippy back completely and refund us or just take her back for a while to make sure she's okay.

That makes me feel a whole lot better. I'd really like to just keep Skippy with us because she has to adjust to being with us anyway. Moving back and forth can't be good for her.

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