The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Skippy Update

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At 0915h this morning, she was 80g. *headdesk*

There were a few small piles of droppings and one pretty big, dime sized splotch. userinfoHusband Guy gave her the spray millet and she ate out of his hand for a while.

We decided to give her some formula. userinfoSkippy wanted nothing to do with it. She kept turning her head this way and that to get away from the syringe. On the off chance that I got some into her mouth, she'd turn sideways to wipe it all off on my fingers. We cleaned her up and she did have some seeds.

Close to 1100h, I played with her and got her to eat a bit more. She'll play and preen herself, but she just doesn't want to eat.

[Update - 1530h]

Dr. McDonald asked us to phone in and report her weight this morning. The Husband left a message for her to say that she was down to 80g. She called us back in the afternoon and asked us to bring Skippy in, she would feed the chickie herself. She also offered to take Skippy in for a few days so that they could watch her, but that was more money than we wanted to spend on this. Today's feeding already cost $25. We're just going to weigh her in the mornings and keep her in the small travel cage with lots of seeds on the bottom so that (hopefully) she gets the idea. We were thinking that maybe her cage is too big and she's still a little too weak or inexperienced to climb around to reach the food cups.

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