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weather: sunny
outside: 17°C
mood: trying not
to worry
VSE: SKP (userinfoSkippy, the Lutino Cockatiel)
Hatch Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
IPO Date: Saturday, May 15, 2004

Date Weight Δ % Δ Bid* Ask* 52-w High 52-w Low
2004/05/20 73g -4g 5.47% 77g 90-100g 84g 73g
2004/05/21 72g -1g 1.38% 74g 90-100g 84g 72g
2004/05/22 70g -2g 2.86% 72g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/23 72g +2g 2.78% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/24 72g 0g 0.00% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/25 72g 0g 0.00% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/26 74g +2g 2.7% 76g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/27 73g -1g 1.37% 75g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/28 73g 0g 0.00% 75g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/29 72g -1g 1.39% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/30 72g 0g 0.00% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/05/31 72g 0g 0.00% 74g 90-100g 84g 70g
2004/06/01 70g -2g 2.86% 72g 90-100g 84g 70g

*BIGSIGH* It's hard to steel ourselves to not worry. She'll definitely eat when we're around. She definitely knows how to eat and what she's supposed to eat. We just have to trust that she has strong enough survival instincts that she won't completely starve.

She ate non-stop from the time we got home last night at 1930h to 2130h until we put her back in the cage.

This is also about the time that she's starting to assert herself to try to find the "pecking order" in our house. She has a shorter fuse for things she doesn't like now. She's biting more and a little harder than she used to, but she's still much more personable than userinfoGuai-Guai ever was.

Skippy is still wobbly and unsteady at maneuvering around perches. Her feet have gotten stronger and she's much better at climbing around the cage now, but she still stumbles at trying to get herself into the right position to eat comfortably from the little seed cups. I put the silly girl on the part of the cup that was made for them to stand on, but she keeps shifting herself to stand on the side edge that's a lot thinner and harder to grasp. Go figure.

Instead of bringing her out in the travel cage tray, we'll start standing by her cage as she eats out of the cups. This way, she learns that this is a valid eating procedure as well and will more likely do it on her own when we're not there.

The Victoria Day long weekend is coming up. We'll be home with her and hopefully, she'll eat more often during the day. userinfoHusband Guy has a build on Monday, but I'll be home.

Oh, and kat_box, userinfoHusband Guy also won't be going to B & G's wedding in Edmonton so that he can be with her that weekend.

I say again: *BIGSIGH* =\

* I know that's not how Bid and Ask work. "Bid" is what we hope she will weigh tomorrow based on the last weight. "Ask" is what she should be based on the average of the entire Nymphicus Hollandicus species. Eventually, the function of the Bid value over time, should be convergent with the Ask, which is held constant.



May. 21st, 2004 04:36 am (UTC)
Stella agrees that Skippy is probably feeling lonely and is not eating because of that.

(She also says that parakeets, including cockatiels, and parrots are usually sold in pairs here in Germany because of that.)
May. 21st, 2004 04:40 am (UTC)
Re: Lonely?
More Stella: "Cockatiels have to be kept busy or have to have a partner. If there's a human around most of the time, taking care of them and playing with them and stuff, they'll also be happy, but if not, they'll be better off with another bird around. They'll pay less attention to the humans if there's another bird, but they'll probably be happier."

She had a cockatiel once (Charlie... who ended up being a Charlene and going on an egg-laying spree) who lived together with two budgerigars of her sister's. When they died, she was already old and slept a lot but still needed quite a bit of attention.
May. 21st, 2004 07:35 am (UTC)
Re: Lonely?
who ended up being a Charlene and going on an egg-laying spree

Hahaha, there are a lot of girl cockatiels out there named "Bob", "Henry" and other very masculine names =D

One website was listing the different ways to tell the gender of the bird. One of the bullet points was "if it lays an egg, it is female". That cracked us up =D
May. 21st, 2004 07:33 am (UTC)
Re: Lonely?
Yeah, we're talking to a lady who is giving up her 4 year old cockatiel for adoption. W talked to her a little last night =)


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