The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Must. Not. Freak. Out.

weather: drizzling
outside: 11°C
mood: worried
userinfoSkippy and I must be kindred spirits. We have the same weight problem; the opposite problem as everyone else in our respective species. We both have trouble keeping our weight UP.

The biggest worry is that birds are really good at concealing any illness or problem they may have. In the wild, if they look sick, they're as good as food. Predators will get them. So, if you see a bird that actually looks sick, it'll be almost too late.

*sigh* She can't keep losing weight forever. She has to have hit the bottom now. Hmm... that's what my Financial Advisor keeps telling me about the market too. =P It's the long weekend, if we're here, she will eat. We should see some gain over this weekend.

Tags: skippy

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