The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Chewing Up A Shooting Star

weather: evening showers
outside: 15°C
mood: cheerful
userinfoSkippy playing with a paper star — 0:59s, 17M, uncompressed AVI. You might want to right-click and Save Target As. We tried to compress it with an MPEG encoder, but we couldn't find one that worked. =P

The big clubby paws belong to userinfoHusband Guy.

The banging and crashing in the background is me, making dinner. Be glad that there was no explosion this time, uh-kay?

Porky, I mean userinfoSkippy, has been eating on and off all day. Between destroying paper stars and grooming herself. She's still very uncoordinated, but I think she's a lefty =)

Okay, I'm off to play "Would You Rather..." =)

Tags: skippy

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