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Sid, the Grey

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We were in touch with the lady who wanted to give up her 4+ year old cockatiel. We were talking to the Grey Haven Exotic Bird Sanctuary after userinfoGuai-Guai disappeared. Because of the Avian Flu epidemic in southwestern BC, they've been refusing any more birds for foster care. They asked us if we wanted to adopt Sid as a referral and not through their standard adoption.

L came over with Sid yesterday and dropped him off. He's a normal grey 'tiel. She told us all about him, what he likes, doesn't like, etc. He's not hand-friendly, so it may be a long while before he can come out of his cage and onto our hands, if ever. He loves carrots, but last night, we discovered that he loves corn even more =)

However, we also noticed some bald spots on various parts of his body, so he's been plucking. Cockatiels don't pluck their feathers unless there is an underlying medical reason for it. He's in quarantine right now. We're bringing him to Night Owl for a checkup.

[Update - Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - 1000h]

userinfoHusband Guy made an appointment for Thursday morning at 1000h at Night Owl for Sid.

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