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Medicating Sid

weather: mostly cloudy
outside: 13°C
mood: guilty
The pharmacist's assistant got confused at the prescriptions that userinfoHusband Guy went to get filled. She wanted his medical care coverage stuff and was wondering why the prescription came from an avian vet. XD Uh, lady, pets are not covered as dependents (though that would have been nice). I guess they've never dealt with that before =D

Last night was a big fight with userinfoSid. The hardest part was to pick him up with the tea towel. He reallyreallyreally didn't want to be caught. And when userinfoHusband Guy finally had a good hold on him, he was so so so pissed off at being held. But we did it, we gave him his antibiotics, cleaned the sore spots and rubbed Fucidin cream on them. He held a grudge over to this morning, attacking the Cheerios instead of eating them.

Husband left the room to do something, so I sat by a corner of Sid's cage. He's okay with people sticking their faces close to him, but he hates people's hands. I put my face up close and whistled.

He whistled back. I whistled again. And this went on for a few rounds. I was just happy that he didn't seem to be still mad at me for last night's abuses. Then he said, "pretty bird" (!!!) O_O It was very chirpy, but very distinctly "pretty bird". He also made this purring/warbling sound at me as well. And he ate some of the special vitamin diet pellets that Dr. McDonald said he had to have.

*sigh* More abuse tonight. Antibiotics. Epsom salt cleaning. Lamisil cream.



May. 29th, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC)
That horrible towel! Brim hates it too. We tried all those games you're supposed to play to get them to like the towel, but he wasn't fooled.

The last time Michael tried to towel him because he was refusing to step up from his perch in the shower, Brim took off for a glide and landed right between the two cats in the hallway. Fortunately they were too stunned to react to their instincts. That's not only out of a frying pan into a fire, but into the hot oven and closing the door behind you.
May. 29th, 2004 02:25 pm (UTC)
right between the two cats in the hallway

GAAAH!! Smart guy. =P

Fortunately they were too stunned to react to their instincts.

Hehehe, stunned animals look the cutest =D


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