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Baby Bird Antics

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userinfoSkippy is almost 11 weeks old now. She's still an adorable, clumsy baby. Whenever I pick her up, she'll jump onto my chest, attack any plastic buttons on my shirt for a bit and then crawl up to my shoulder, by my neck and underneath my hair. It's warm there so she'll sit and just snuggle there for a while.

She loves my hair, she'll chew on it, groom it, groom herself, play peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek and generally futz around in it. =) Then she'll run down and across my chest to the other side and do the same.

We got her a rope toy with tassles yesterday. We put it on the table to let her investigate it and get used to it. She was okay with it. It was horizontal lying on the table, but when we hung it up in her cage, it was vertical and suddenly looking a lot bigger than before. It was funny to see her body leaning away from it and looking up at The Tassle Monster with extreme apprehension =D But I saw her playing with it this morning. Kinda like, "okay, if it's not going to kill me, then I guess I can touch it."

userinfoSid will have a tassle toy too, it might help with his overgrooming problem provided he's not too freaked out to touch it. It should be a good distraction from grooming himself all day.

In the wild, they are observed to only spend about 25% of their time grooming. 25% of their time is spent interacting with others of their species. About 50% of their time is spent looking for food and eating. As soon as you put them in a cage by themselves with food and water provided, what can they do? Eat. And groom themselves. All. Day.

We might go see how Sid is doing at Night Owl this afternoon after userinfoHusband Guy gets back from basketball. I think Dr. McDonald said she'd put a collar on him too. Oh, I'm sure he'll be really pleased with that.

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