The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Bathtime and Munchie

weather: cloudy
outside: 13°C
mood: amused
Two pics and one AVI:

  • Wet Rat I (24K) — I love this pic of her, she is positively demonically pissed off XD
  • Wet Rat II (24K) — she's a little drier, so she's just merely royally pissed off =)
  • Munchie (4M; 21sec) — munching on her veggies.

Cockatiels are supposed to get misted every few days to a week. They're the dustiest of house birds and the misting helps keep that under control. Otherwise, they get dust mites and trigger my Asthma, but it hasn't been too bad. =P

You're supposed to take a spray bottle and spritz them down. Some people have birds that actually like being misted. *sigh* No such luck here. =P

And I had to take an AVI of her eating. There's something very satisfying about watching an animal eat. Not just because userinfoSkippy is underweight, but any animal in general. She's actually holding steady at 72-73g. I don't know that obsessing over it will do anything more at this point. I think that's her natural healthy weight.

Oh, and userinfoSid will be coming home from Night Owl tomorrow night. =)

Tags: sid, skippy

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