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Hippo Birdies to Husband Guy!!!

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Hippo Birdies, userinfoHusband Guy!!! pne beat me to it, but in my defence, he's 9 hours ahead of us.

Me: Philip says Happy Birthday.
Him: Philip who?
Me: Philip in Germany.
Him: Oh, the "Philip/Stella/About-To-Have-A-Baby" Philip?
Me: *giggle* Yeah, that Philip. =)

He got cake from Work and we went to The Keg last night for prime rib, even though he was only 29364.75/365 yesterday. =)

I have to say, I'm very proud of what he's done with his life. He went from not planning to do anything after highschool to Senior Development Lead. And will possibly go even further in the next little while. I don't want to say anything to jinx it... =}

The down side of today was having to take userinfoSkippy into the Veterinary ER this morning. Husband Guy put her cover on her cage last night so that maybe she'd sleep better. We've put the cover on her cage before, so it's not supposed to be a big deal. But last night, she somehow started thrashing. He took her out and looked her over, but didn't see anything, so he put her back.

This morning, her wings were bleeding on both sides. O_O It had clotted over, but she picked at it and it bled a little again. Birds don't have a lot of blood, so any bleeding at all can be fatal. Dr. Brigitte took her into the ER and made sure she was okay until Night Owl opened for Dr. McDonald to have a look at her.

Dr. Brigitte said Skippy weighed in at 80g though(!!) which does make sense because we know she's visibly bulked up quite a bit. She's been bouncing between 72-74g every morning for the last few weeks, so maybe our scale is weird. =P

At least userinfoSid is home and doing well. He's looking much better, quite a bit more alert, active and doing less sitting around grooming.

*sigh* If it's not one, it's the other. =P =P =P

[Update - 1738h]

userinfoSkippy is doing fine. She just had a bad thrashing incident for the first time, but it'll be fine. Lutino cockatiels are just more prone to cage fright and thrashing than Greys. She's also molting so she's lost a lot of her baby flight feathers, but they're hollow and not bloody so they were mature feathers that were supposed to come off. No more covering her cage and once userinfoSid is past the quarantine period, they're going to be on the family room side of the house. But at night, we're going to move them to the alcove in the other dining room at night, so that they're not in the high traffic area.

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