The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Not Hauling Ass...

Wanna see me not hauling ass? Here, this is me Not Hauling Ass.

  • We're caught up putting the favour tags on the favours... we have about 100 more favours to go. *sigh* This will go a bit slower now that we have the taggies to put on them as well.
  • Ivy tackled Miss Yi and asked about our "honeymoon suite". The hotel wants $1000 for the actual 2 bedroom penthouse suite, so we're just going to take a regular room.
  • Ivy wants to hold off on the car seat/stroller for Christine's baby Bryan until The Bay has a sale. WELL, WHEN THE HELL IS _THAT_ GOING TO HAPPEN?!?! I don't have the fucking energy to wait for the Bay to have a sale.
  • Now that we have the Autograph Silk, we need to pester Will's Grandmother to practice her brush calligraphy to pen it. Yes, it has to be Grandma, out of respect. My father's calligraphy is much better, but ... *wistful sigh*
  • bring Top Gun floor layout and start piecing the table arrangements together
  • switch the abalone for sea cucumber on the menu. Abalone is so much classier. ={
  • make a visit to Motive on 4th, where Brandon's sister Kari-Anne works. I was originally going to ask Kari-Anne, Jade and Julie (Brandon's cousins) to make me 30 of those butterfly thingies in 2.5 weeks. But the girls are in Nanaimo and Julie is working in Banff. *sigh* We'll see what happens.
  • flower arrangments...
  • get on the phone and pester ONE more friend-person for an RSVP... ALL of our friends have RSVP'ed except this one.

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