The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Sid Update

weather: sunny
outside: 15°C
mood: happy
userinfoSid seems to be doing well. He looks a lot better than when we first got him. His feathers actually look smooth on him, like "well-fitted clothes" which is how experts describe a healthy bird. He's also more active and running around in his cage.

The skin under his wings is looking a lot better from the rare quick glimpses we get when he stretches. It looks like there might be feathers growing back, but he could have bald armpits forever... He's still plucking himself though; we find blood feathers around his cage. Old habits die hard. We're going to give it a while, try to give him as much attention as possible and see if it helps.

He isn't touching the tassle tree toy yet. He might still be afraid of it. But hopefully when we put their cages closer together, he'll see userinfoSkippy playing with hers and realize it won't kill him. Skippy is ALL OVER her tassle tree.

Sid is visibly more at ease with userinfoHusband Guy, but he vocalizes more readily at me. He knows I'm a girl. =) He'll lean his head straight at me and make wolf-whistles. He'll also say "pretty bird" when he sees me or hears me nearby. And when he's in the right mood, he'll go through his entire repertoire while I'm with him: the wolf-whistle, "pretty bird", the telephone noise (a chirpy, staticky "bbrrrrr") and a few random ditties that he's actually picked up from me.

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