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Scaredy Bird

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mood: worried
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userinfoSkippy is 3 months old now... gosh, how time flies =} She's doing very well. She's still very tiny, but her weight is holding steady at 73g. She gobbles up most of the corn and pea niblets I give her almost every day and is definitely eating out of her food cup.

But lately, I've noticed that she's been very easily spooked by a lot of things, some of them very minor (though, I suppose if you're only 5" big and don't understand anything, everything can look huge and scary to you).

She goes jittery when she hears crows outside. She also does that when she hears other birds outside singing/chirping as well. I guess this is normal because her instincts are telling her that might be a predator. Or she could be on my hand or shoulder, I'll pull a tissue out of the box and she'll be startled. She's seen me do this a zillion times and she still startles.

It just seems like every little thing is scaring her recently. I don't know if this is normal. Maybe it's something they go through after their fearless, unknowing baby phase...

The biggest worry is that she gets spooked while she's in her cage. We've already had to take her to the Vet ER that morning from the thrashing incident. Every time she gets scared, we'll take her out. We talk softly to her and cuddle her — well, not really cuddle cuddle, but just hold her close to our bodies, but let her go wherever she wants to be... shoulder, by my neck under my hair, or stay on my chest just under my chin, etc.



Jun. 19th, 2004 12:56 pm (UTC)
Found you through my friendsfriends and just thought I'd offer you a bit of advice (if it can be called that)
My mother has 5 cockatiels, ages ranging from about 7 months down to 5 months and they get startled by the smallest things, sometimes we don't even know what startles them because they just all take off from where ever they are. I know that doesn't help much but I think all birds get startled no matter their age. All I can suggest is continue what you are doing and 'cuddle' her after a frightening 'episode'.
Good luck and she looks lovely.
Jun. 19th, 2004 01:41 pm (UTC)
Hi there, I see your journal through yueni sometimes as well =)

I know that if they're in the same cage and one freaks out, all of them will. =P Thanks for the supportive words =)


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