The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Fiance Guy is off to his Stag...

Hope he has fun. =) I think Clare said some bball, dinner, strip club. Brandi's or something like that... They met at the house. I parked in front because I had to go somewhere. His friends started parking around the house, so I had to move, pronto. I didn't even get to say goodbye and tell him to have fun. =P

I don't mind him going to a strip club. He went with Mick and someone else a while ago. I was going to go with them because I was curious, but I decided not to. He wouldn't have had fun with me there because he'd be too inhibited.

Fiance Guy doesn't drink. I think he's allergic to something (like the preservatives maybe) in the alcohol and he doesn't like the taste. He had a Long Island ice tea and had a splitting headache after a few sips. He can't stand smoke either, so I'm not sure how much fun that'll be for him tonight... I know from a co-worker that it really sucks to be the sober one in a crowd of drunks. I also doubt the strip clubs would uphold the no-smoking bylaw.


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