The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Fiancé Guy's Bookkeeping

Okay, so here are the debits and credits of last night's Stag =)

He had the Prime Rib Classic Dinner and a Paralyzer at the Keg Steakhouse.

At Brandi's, the guys bought him shooters all night:

  • Clare - Tequila
  • Kingsley - B52
  • Turen - Prairie Fire
  • Allen - China White
  • Karl - B151
  • Phil - Half Tequila/Melon Liquor(?)
  • Mark - Kamikaze
  • Ray - Tequila
And he had a lap dance (not sure if all the guys chipped in for it or if Clare paid for it). =)

Just after they left Brandi's, he felt funny, so he got Karl to pull over into an alley. He got out, half a step and 3 heaves later, most of the Prime Rib was in a puddle at his feet =D =D =D I'm so mad that Mark didn't get pictures of the first three =P

They went to Oasis after that and he heaved 3 more times, thus emptying the entire contents of his tummy altogether =) Mark got pictures of this one =) I must say, for someone who doesn't drink at all, Fiancé Guy did quite well =)

It was pretty tame, but it sounds like they had fun. =)

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