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</a></b></a>'s Basketball-Buddy-PH and Cousin-Girl-CL are getting married sometime in March 2005. I went looking at potential ceremony/reception sites with them and her two bridesmaids last weekend.

CL and I were talking about their wedding as early as the summer of 2003. At the time, she said she didn't want to do any wedding planning whatsoever. Her two best friends were going to take care of it all, including picking out her dress; she would just show up and eat. If they had any questions, PH would be Da Boss™. She said she didn't care about flowers or decoration or location or ceremony proceedings or anything at all. It would be completely up to PH.

Yeah. That didn't last long. She told us all that "PH is fired" and she's taken over. XD But it is his own fault for dawdling. It's über-important that this wedding happens before the summer of 2005 before PH turns 29. Taiwanese custom forbids marriage on any of the 9th years — 19, 29, 39, 49, etc. Dude turned 28 in May.

What amused me most was that </a></b></a>, HIMSELF — who is A Big Dawdler™ — was the one to light a fire under PH's butt to get started. I'm so proud of him for doing that =D =D =D

Let's see. May is cutting it a little too close. They have to pick not only auspicious days (of which there are none in April 2005), but auspicious days that land on a weekend. January and February are too cold and miserable in Vancouver for a wedding and for the relatives who will be flying over from Taiwan. So, that would leave March.

The interesting thing is that in Taiwan, December and January are the peak wedding months. The weather is cooler and nicer then. But, it's also so that they can cross the Lunar New Year as a married couple. =)

We went to a few golf clubs in Vancouver and Richmond. In my order of UBC, Marine Drive and the Mayfair Lakes Golf Club. The University Golf Club is a very nice place to get married, but they're doing renovations in March, somewhere on the premises. It might still work if the renos are in a totally separate area or if they can nail down a date early enough in May... Marine Drive Golf Club is do-able and not expensive at all, but not as nice. Mayfair Lakes is way the hell out there on the edge of the universe, the nicest thing I would choose is to have it in the Lakeside Grill restaurant, but that only seats 90, so they were thinking the final head count will be over 100 with 130 invited.

I had suggested Hazelmere to them, but it's even further out than Mayfair Lakes and, apparently, the Garden Room has ugly green carpetting with psychotic giant amoebae on a bad LSD trip trying to be flowers. I'd never noticed the carpet before because we're never in the Garden Room, we're always in the main dining room (pic on the right; that little bridgie thing was where I was fantasizing about exchanging vows, but I realized that the lighting and positioning would never have worked). But, in any case, it's too far. We can never work up the motivation to go for their fabulous Sunday brunch because of the distance.

We'll be looking at other places in the next few weekends. CL has been convinced that it doesn't have to be a golf and country club, so we'll be looking at other stuff. And of course, Brock House is the first to be mentioned =) I went to a company Year End party there. Great food, nice place.

Cecil Green is another one that is always brought up. It's lovely too. But it's very pricey and you're required to use the University Food Services for catering, which is decent at best, but no wows there.

We'll also be going through music one evening in the next little while.

Wheee! =)


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