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Funny Birdy Behaviours

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After two cage fright traumas, userinfoSkippy has been doing okay. We put on a small lamp at night and that seems to be working out fine. She has feather #9 and #10 fully grown on both sides now (the breeder clipped them all when she was a baby, so those are still short). She's moulting and very snippy and short with me. As near as I can figure, the people who handle her (animal ER doctor, her avian vet and most of the staff) are mostly women, so she might be associating me with "those girl people that do nasty things to me".

She's very lovey-dovey with userinfoHusband Guy. She runs up to the door and squeeps when she hears him around. She'll run up to his outstretched hand. She lets him pet her on the head and the back of her neck.

When I reach into her cage now, she'll sometimes back away or snap at me. And the times she does let me bring her out, she'll always want to explore and play away from me. She still walks around on me, but you can tell that she isn't so much playing with me as much as she's playing on me and around me. Most of the time, she's ignoring me completely.

I sometimes wonder if she hates me because I'm "the other woman". O_o I get him to mist her and clip her nails. I don't even want her seeing me around when he's doing it.

Anyway, if I really had to, I can get her to step up (like if she started thrashing again). But if I try to pick her up and she doesn't want to step up, then I just say, "okay, that's okay" and leave her be. And I'll try again in a few minutes or in a little while. She isn't completely against the idea.

*sigh* It's pretty disappointing when they don't like you... =(

userinfoSid, on the other hand, talks and sings to me more readily. He knows to wolf whistle at me and call me a "pretty girl". He and I can chat for a good long stretch =)

But he still won't step up onto our hands. He will bite and he will attack if you put your hand under him. Their eyes are on the sides of their head, so they can't see anything under their beak. Anything moving around in the general vicinity of his tummy is going to wig him out and he's going to kill it. But if I move slowly, with intent (like putting his veggie dish in) and talk softly while I'm doing it, he'll understand and just move out of the way for me to get in to do whatever I need to.

He seems content to just talk and whistle with us through the cage. It's pretty clear that he likes it, he'll call you back when you turn around to leave. And he'll deliberately call me "pretty girl" to try to get me to come back. So, as long as he's not pissy and aggressive, I'm satisfied that I may never have him on my shoulder or on my hand.

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