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Semagic - Make Link Bug

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Version: </a></b></a>semagic (reported here)

Repro Steps:

  1. Copy a URL from a browser into your buffer.
  2. In Semagic, hit CTRL-L to edit the last entry in the History Item window.
    • Be sure that View->Options->Advanced tab->"Always edit in main window" is UNselected. It doesn't matter anyway because CTRL-L will bring up the History Item window no matter what, but if that setting is selected, then LiveJournal->Edit Last Entry will edit in the main window and this bug will be unreproduceable.
  3. Select some text (say double-click on one word to select it).
  4. Hit CTRL-M to bring up the Make Link/Image dialogue.
  5. Click in the "Link to: // Internet Address (URL)" field to make sure the cursor focus is in that field.
  6. Hit CTRL-V to paste URL from buffer.


The control is still on the History Item window and the URL gets pasted into the text editing area instead of the [active] dialogue.

If the focus is in a certain field, then all editing actions should apply to that field. That includes selecting, typing, deleting, backspacing, cutting, copying, pasting, undoing and redoing and anything else I've missed. Editing should not apply to an inactive control.

Note 1:

  • Typing text will get entered into the Make Link/Image dialogue, as expected.
  • Right-click and choosing "Paste" will work as expected.
  • CTRL-V behaves incorrectly.
  • SHIFT-Insert behaves incorrectly.
  • All keyboard shortcuts behave incorrectly.

Note 2:

The control focus works correctly if the Make Link/Image dialogue is invoked from the Main Window. It only screws up if the dialogue is invoked from the History Item window.

Not that I think it matters, but: AMD Athlon, 261M RAM, Win2K, Service Pack 2... yeah, yeah, shut up.


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