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Trust Metric
My trust level is: 86%

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I really wish it would save your answers for each person. =P

Everyone on my list started out with a minimum of 4, "I think this person is okay to trust, just not too far". To me, 1-4 should really be rolled into one. It's not that I do or don't trust people, it's more like I don't really know them and therefore, I really can't say much about the level of trust. IOW, they haven't given me any reason to not trust them. If I were travelling close to them, I'd contact them and try to meet up, but I couldn't bring myself to trust or rely on them for something important.

5, "I can trust this person with most things" is generally for people I know in person or have met a few times offline.

6, "I can trust this person with my secrets" is for those who I actually have trusted with something very deeply personal and have kept their word to me... Thanks =) Love you both =)

7, "I would trust this person with my life" is reserved for </a></b></a>.

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