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Sid's Baths and Skippy Turns 5 Months

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userinfoSid is getting smarter and smarter about not getting caught for a bath =)

It used to be easy. His cage door opens down, like a drawbridge. I'd hold it up like a platform, chat with him for a bit and he'd walk right out onto it. I'd then quickly put the small travel cage top over him, slide the tray bottom underneath, hook it shut and take him upstairs to get spritzed.

After a few times, he grew wary of coming out onto the platform. It would take me a lot longer and much more patience to get him out. Then he stopped walking out onto the platform altogether. Little bugger. =\ He'd still come down and sit at the cage door, but he wouldn't come out any further. He could scurry back into the cage before I could get the top over him. He's even started looking around for the travel cage and only gingerly come out if he didn't see it.

Today, I realized there's a side door on the cage. >=} With the main door open, I got him standing at his main door. Then I reached in the side door with one of his ladders and just offered it to him. He thought there was evil brewing so he flew right out his main door.

Ha-HA! That was exactly where I want him. He's not very agile, he's pretty out of shape and his wings have been clipped. There's no danger of not being able to catch him. I just walked over and put the travel cage top over him while he was on the floor being confused. =)

I think the baths are really helping. I don't see any blood feathers at the bottom of his cage at all anymore. I hardly see any stray feathers, period.

After his bath today, I put him back in the cage. He climbed onto a higher perch so his head was near the top of the cage. Sid still loves to talk and sing to my fingers, so I talked back to him. While he had his head back, singing, I reached in with one finger through the cage bars and touched his head. He didn't move, he kept singing so, I very gently pet his head with my finger. For a few seconds, he didn't mind. After a few seconds, he remembers, "oh yeah, I don't like being touched" and turned to bite me. I saw it and moved away slowly just as he was turning his head.

A while later, I tried again. He let me scritch him on the head again. Just for a few seconds until he started getting antsy about it, then I'd stop. I must've tried it three or four times. =D Yeah, he shows me as much love as an unsocialized bird can. =)

I think I might use the same side door tactic to get him out and flying around at least once a day for some exercise. He'll get smarter and adapt. But so will I. =) And it's all good because he needs a little stimulation to keep his mind off of his picking =)

userinfoSkippy is an adorable little thing as usual. She's generally less vocal than he is. When she sings, she sometimes does this *boop-boop-BOOP-boop-boop* song. It's SO CUTE to hear. Sometimes, she and Sid will chirp back and forth to each other. They'll get louder and louder until it sounds like a full-on screaming match. We laugh that they're trash talking and swearing at each other.

Lately, she's taken to jumping on my head when I fix the food and water cups in her cage.

Skippy turned 5 months old on August 16. Her immune system should be fully developed now, so we can put their cages closer together. There's a cabinet a few feet from her cage that we were going to put Sid's cage on. There's all kinds of crap on it, so we'd have to clean it off.

We may do that this weekend. =)

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