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Most Disgusting Thing I've Eaten

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2. What's the most disgusting thing that you have ever eaten or even just put in your mouth? — #2, Aug.15.2004, Monday Madness

Well, I don't think it's disgusting at all, but most other people do. I have a fairly Yin constitution. I get cold easily and my organs used to be generally weak. I used to be given Cordyceps (冬蟲草) fairly regularly when I was young. It's usually prepared in chicken broth or with lean pork among other things.

This speaks to the care and love my parents showed me. If you know anything about cordyceps at all, you'll know that they are hideously expensive. $50 for a little cube of it from Chinatown and that was a medium quality.

The "disgusting" part is that these things are live worms that attach themselves to a blade of grass. They develop a fungal parasite and as they "die", they merge with the plant. When they are harvested, they still look like worms, but they have become the plant. I'm not missing any words there: they have become the plant. =)

There's one for the vegetarians to wrap their heads around. =D

To the protest of my parents, I made some for a group of friends once for a Hallowe'en party. Only the most adventurous tried it. Some couldn't even look at them =)


Aug. 20th, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
2 things spring to mind when I think of nasty stuff I've eaten.

The first is the coagulated duck blood at dimsum that my dad tricked me into eating (he said it was tofu). The taste wasn't terrible, and the concept itself isn't that terrible either, but it made my teeth all squeaky weird, and there was an iron aftertaste. Lovely.

The second was some foul tasting soup that my grandmother brewed me when she visited during my high school years. I had my period, and was having bad cramps, so she made me this special concoction that was supposed to be good for fertility or reproductive health or something, I don't remember. I have no idea what was in it, but it tasted really foul.
Aug. 21st, 2004 08:24 am (UTC)
I bet it was tang kwei, or angelica root. My mother used to make me drink it too, and I hated it. She'd steep eggs in it, and I'd eat the eggs, but ugh, the soup.


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