The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Most Disgusting Thing I've Eaten - Redux

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Oh, in reference to this post, I just remembered something that I think tastes truly foul.

Let's establish a baseline: I don't think dang-gui (當歸, angelica root) is that bad, even mixed with 15 other tree barks, roots, and other spiky, branchy and leafy stuff that simmers into a thick brown sludge. It's a strong and very distinctive taste, but not altogether unbearable, to me.

I like jellyfish, duck tongue, pig's blood, tripe, and other miscellaneous animal innards (motto: 背朝天; "anything with its back facing the sky"). I'm also one of those strange people who like cod liver oil. I let the pellets soften in my mouth and bite them open on purpose.


A long time ago, after surgery, I was prescribed docusate sodium, for extra ... help. If I needed it. They looked like cod liver oil pellets, except instead of Aqua yellow, they were Aqua red. So, I proceeded to squish it open.



Is Teh KING of Foulness Supreme.

It's horrendously bitter, but it's a "biting" type of bitter, much worse than angelica root. I don't think it really burns, but it feels like it does.

You know how wasabe will fume through your face and head for a few seconds? Docusate sodium does something similar, but for a much longer time... at least five whole minutes. And the aftertaste lingers for hours. And then for the whole day, every time I burped, I was reminded of what a dreadful mistake I made.

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