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The New Bed

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Our new bed arrived on Saturday. I'm tired because it's Monday, not really because the new bed sucks... although, I still wake up with a sore back. It's not as bad as before, but it's still there. I remember reading somewhere that it takes a while to get used to a new bed, but I don't remember how long that was supposed to be. Less than 60 nights, I would imagine.

Holy zoodles, the thing is a super high Princess-And-The-Pea bed. It comes up to my hip and I'm almost taller sitting on it than I am standing. I think it's because it's on the bedframe.

Both the mattress and the box spring fabric match too.

We need to make a trip out to Home Outfitters to get a thinner cotton top fitted mattress pad. The one we have right now is really nice, but it's very thick, so I've woken up with a wet back these last two mornings. Ick. It might be nice for the winter though.

We need a skirt for the box spring. We were thinking of using the flat sheet as the skirt because we don't use the flat sheet, but decided that, no, that wasn't going to work. On second thought, we should rummage through the linen closet first. Maybe there's something in there we can steal.

We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning doing a bit of shuffling around. Our old double went to Brother-In-Law Dude. I was hesitant to give it to him at first. Not because I didn't want him to have it, but we got a new bed because I thought it was so old that it was causing my back problems. But, apparently it's still newer than his bed. I still can't believe that he was still sleeping on the mattress he'd had since childhood and no one's ever said, "hey, that's unhealthy, you need a new bed." *sigh* There was a plan in there somewhere, but it somehow didn't happen.

Convo with the userinfoHusband Guy:

Me: "I think you should tell him that it's ... really ... squeaky."
Him: "I think he knows."
Me: "..." =P =P =P

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