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I said to nightshift a long time ago that if I ever had a decoration scheme in my home, it would be "Elegant Trek". I've already decided that I want Picard's tea set. I want that big white 6-cup teapot and the matching cups. Or something similar. It's the one he always uses for the perpetually interrupted breakfast chats with Beverly where they get no more than two sips in before Riker pages them from the bridge. XD

But other than that, I fantasize that, one day, when money isn't so tight, I will also have one of these custom made for myself:

    Archaeological artifacts of small ceramic figures about 30 centimeters high, naiskos statues were produced in ancient times by the people of planet Kurl. These statues were designed to be opened, revealing a multitude of similar but smaller figurines inside, representing the Kurlan belief that each individual is made up of a community of individuals with different voices and desires; "the many voices inside the one". Communities, in turn, are made up of individuals with different voices and desires.

    Although many ancient naiskos have been found by archaelogists, relatively few are intact, and fewer still have all the smaller figurines.

    Professor Richard Galen gave an intact Kurlan naiskos to his former student, Jean-Luc Picard (The Chase). That particular artifact was even more prized because it was of the third Kurlan dynasty, made some 12,000 years ago by the Kurlan artisan known only as the Master of Tarquin Hill.

    In later episodes, Picard's Kurlan Naiskos could be seen adorning a corner table of his ready room. Distressingly, Picard apparently did not take the naiskos with him after the crash of the Enterprise-D in "Generations".

But until then, I'll just have to be satisfied to make this my Random Nerdy-Neat Thing post in my online journal because I have nothing better to write and can't be motivated to clean up, finish off all the disjoint journal fragments to post.

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