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Funny Girl, Skippy

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First of all, everybody, listen up. This is how push buttons work: it is a binomial distribution of N=2 Bernoulli trials. In other words, a button is either "PRESSED" or "NOT PRESSED".

What the hell is up with this "press the button halfway" buffoonery?


Anyway, I took pictures of all the feathers I had that had fallen off the birds, but they didn't turn out, so I need to redo them all. But I snapped a few pictures of the funny girl, userinfoSkippy =)

When I take her water cup out to clean it, she'll go over and stick her head in the cupholder looking for it. It kinda looks like a torture device that's way too big for her head =D

Then she acts all cross. Like she's been burglarized or something. "You CLEANED my water again, didn't you?! I pooped in it ON PURPOSE, y'know!!!"

Cockatiel cages usually have two sides of horizontal bars, but the front and back are vertical.

Here she is, climbing up vertical bars:

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