The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Wedding Itinerary

Teresa came over last night to talk about wedding day details. She's going to be one of our MC's and helping out that day. We kinda spilled our guts on how we envisioned most of it, where we drew a blank, Teresa had ideas, so it worked out great.

I showed her the itinerary that W and I came up with. We did it in Excel with half hour time blocks - the fill-down function is my bestest friend... along with diff, grep, top and lsps -a. We sketched out the framework for the banquet which was the thing that I was most freaked out about. I have a rough idea as to when I'm changing gowns, when we're playing games, when we're going around doing the individual table toasts, etc.

I think we got the jobs and responsibilities broken down small enough that people wouldn't have too much to handle. It's now a matter of talking to the people who have agreed to help, explaining what we'd like them to do and get their feedback on what they can/cannot do.


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