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Blockbuster "Carl & Ray Pet Shop Campaign"

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I find most translations of Chinese movies incredibly crappy. I laugh or cringe at a lot of subtitles, voice-overs and translations of old Chinese movies into English.

Blockbuster Video did a series of TV commercials, "Carl & Ray Pet Shop Campaign" which featured Carl, the rabbit, and Ray, the guinea pig. One of the 30 second segments that aired in 2002 was the one called "Kung Fu" where Blockbuster promoted their "kung fu" movies.

The entire thing was done in Cantonese with English subtitles.

These had to be voice actors from Hong Kong. They spoke fast and spoke well. They were not English actors trying to speak a foreign language by sound alone.

The dialogue was well written. Very reminiscent of the fast-paced Cantonese martial arts flick style of dialogue. It blew me away that the voices also fairly decently matched the English voice actor voices of Carl and Ray. The lines matched their personalities as well but I think this is more because of timbres of the voices.

The subtitles were very accurate. Eerily. Uncannily. Accurate. When you're used to a "signal degradation" of sorts in the translation from one language to another, you get this really spooky feeling when it matches up right.

I only saw it a few times on TV, but from what I remember, I was most impressed. I'm impressed enough to want to own it as an AVI. I'm impressed enough to be reallyreally tempted to pay 2€ (~$3CAD and change) for it. The only thing that's stopping me is I don't know if that's the right one. There was another commercial that used Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" song and Blockbuster also did another "Kung Fu" one with that stupid dancing baby.

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