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Major Milestone!

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Last night was an evening of Firsts with birdinfoSid.

He really liked standing on that ledge and looking down into the stairwell. In the background is our TV/family room with Team Canada whopping Finland in World Cup Hockey. WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! =D

Then I had him on the couch with me while I sat watching TV. All of a sudden, he just climbed onto my knee. He's never voluntarily come in physical contact with us before =D He'd just finished fluffing himself when I called to him to make him look at the camera, so he's looking a tad dorky there. =)

Oh, but THEN. He walked up onto my hand!! (4M; uncompressed AVI)

It was *BITEBITEBITEBITEsquealBITEBITEBITEBITEBITE*, *resign*, *walk up*. *BITEBITEBITEBITEsquealBITEBITEBITEBITEBITE*, *resign*, *walk up*. The little twerp actually drew blood last night. I guess he got mad at all the camera action. I have three little bloody pokie-holes, two on my fingers, one on my thumb and a little patch of missing skin somewhere else.

This one I caught with the camera wasn't his cutest. He'd actually come up onto my hand three or four times. Twice, he sat very still for a few minutes on my hand while I chatted to him. But if I moved at all, he'd fly away.


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