The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Vancouver International Film Festival 2004

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Work is sending </a></b></a> and me to VIFF 2004. Yay! Thank you, Work! =) Last year, we saw Wild Berries (dir. Nishikawa Miwa).

I this year's logo!!! =D

Accepting the fact that I'm going to be missing out on a whole lot of good ones anyway, I've narrowed my choices down to these. Tell me which ones look interesting to you:

Poll #350937 Vancouver International Film Festival

Out of these choices, which one(s) would you see?

"Electric Shadows" is an ingenious title. It's the literal translation of 電影 which is the Chinese term for "movie".

I'm also open to write-in choices. =)

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