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Fivesmack — the Expansion Pack to Classic Rock-Paper-Scissors

You'll need to click on the page and press CTRL-A to select all the text so you can see it first. =P There are new items, slight rule changes and it decreases the chances of a tie by 40%.

Tim writes:

Paper beats the new comers — Hammer and Wet noodle. It is able to wrap up the noodle and dry it out. Once it is contained in paper, it can be delivered as Chinese takeout. The hammer attempts to squash the paper, but is unable to because the paper is already flat. Then the paper covers the hammer so that it can no longer remove nails. Paper is symbolized by fingers outstretched, palms down.

Scissors return to cut paper again. It has taken up the new ability of cutting the soft and vulnerable wet noodle. The symbol for scissors is like a victory sign with the fingers pointed menacingly towards your opponent.

The rock, by far the coolest of the original trio, still smashes scissors. However, the rock picked up a new ability: rock now beats paper. I always thought that rock should. Now it pitches itself through paper and tears a big hole in it. The symbol for rock is a closed fist.

The hammer thinks that it is so cool. It can break rock, making it higher up as a crusher than rock. It can also, like rock, smash scissors, which are frail in comparison. Hammer is formed just like paper, except that all four fingers are bent at the second knuckle.

The wet noodle is the odd duck out. But what it lacks in physical strength it makes up for in cunning. The rock and the hammer have enormous egos, and they consider it beneath their dignities to fight a noodle. Rock figures that it beats scissors, which beats paper, which beats wet noodle, so that it's already higher up on the scale. Hammer thinks the same, but that it beats rock too. So effectively, they consistantly forfiet to wet noodle all the time. Wet noodle is formed by a fist, back of the hand up, with the index finger extended. A bit of wiggle on the index finger is suggested.

I love his diagram!! XD XD

And there are three other games that sound like a whackload of fun =D Hell, it was funny just reading through the descriptions. And I'll bet it's even better as a drinking game =D

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