The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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God Sucks At Bowling

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This God vs. Bush thing that's been going around, is pretty funny. But I had to see the raw data for myself.

I looked up the Jefferson County, FL, election results for November 7, 2000 and verified that they voted Gore/Lieberman. I'm Canadian, I wouldn't know...

Then I looked up geographical data to find the latitude and longitude. Latitude: 30 Deg 32 Min N; Longitude: 83 Deg 55 Min W (it says "N" on that page, but I think they meant "W").

And then matched that with the Lat/Long of the path of Hurricane Frances (Aug. 25 - Sep. 10, 2004). The segment that we're interested in is the second green "Tropical Storm" section.

15 GMT 09/06/04  29.5N 84.0W  65  980  Tropical Storm
21 GMT 09/06/04  30.6N 84.3W  45  982  Tropical Storm
03 GMT 09/07/04  31.3N 84.6W  35  985  Tropical Depression

Nope. Frances just about blew right through Jefferson County exactly.

At that point, I didn't bother to look any further. Your god still sucks at bowling. Q.E.D.

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