The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Big Black Angel Wings

weather: sunny-ish
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mood: amused
userinfoSid is in a good mood with us more and more often now. Sometimes I have my head close to his cage and tipped downward because I'm looking at the bottom for bloody feathers. He comes over to me, clung to the side of his cage, and chews on my hair. He's done that to userinfoHusband Guy as well. This is a very very positive sign. He's grooming us. They only do that with other birds that they like and trust.

I was in the kitchen doing something one day and I heard him squeaking softly. It wasn't something I'd heard from him before, so I turned to look and he was attacking his tassle toy in his cage on his own. That's so awesome! He wouldn't touch it before.

Sometimes when I'm flirting with him, I'll puff at his tummy. It's to blow away dander and stuff. Sometimes, he spreads his wings out when I do that. =) He also bends to his left so his body is still upright but his head is upside down. His wings will be spread out and at a 45° angle.

He looks like a retarded bat. XD

I tried to get a picture, but he stopped when the camera came out. I've started saying, "Big Black Angel Wings" at him when he does it so maybe he'll associate with that and learn to do it on command =)

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