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Guest Book

Okay, I really have to make this thing. I can use the 1/4" stapler at work, I have to bring the paper in one day and staple it about half an inch in from the edge. Then I'm doing the cover slightly differently than the one I did at the Journal Making workshop.


*sigh* Somehow this got buried. This week. This week.

Final Fitting

I got my gowns back from the Seamstress. I need to try them on with the shoes and jewellery again.

Banquet Table Arrangements

Now that the tables are figured out, I need to get cards to print guest names on, so that they can be put on the tables. I also need to get a final guest list printed off for the Reception Table. There's a slight mod to the floorplan I wanted. Stephen gave me a 25 table floorplan and a 30 table floorplan. We're using the 25 table one, but there's one table that I'd like moved to the other side of the floor and it looks like it should fit because of the way the 30 tables are placed.


Our itinerary is more or less mapped out. I just have to make sure that other family members who are not going to be with me all day have things to do between 1:00pm and 5:00pm...

The Favours Are Done

Except for the 9 that we left for the Dentally Challenged ones. The candies should be arriving with Will's Aunt on June 28th.

Get Blank Cards

For the Thank You's. And pester Dad for the Chinese text.

My Speech

*ungh* =P

Last of the Flowers

Bernice has been long done with the flowers, so I have to go get them from her this Wednesday evening.

Bowen's Flight

Bowen lands in Vancouver on the evening of June 21. If she gets out in time, we'll drag Mabel along on a mad dash over to the mall and get their bridesmaids dresses fitted. I have a feeling, though, that we won't make it that evening. I'm taking Friday, the 22nd, off so that we can do that. I'm also bringing along the two necklace things so that Bowen can have a look to see if she thinks they're okay. If she's cool with them, I was thinking of going over to BW² to get the earrings (they're the same design, but inverted colouring).

The Wine

It's getting delivered. I was talking to Helen about how my schedule was getting crazier and crazier. She said she'd have Jean Francois take it to the restaurant on July 5th for me =) Yay! I told her that Jean should talk to Stephen when he gets there, so that they'll at least have a name. We'll also have to let the restaurant know when we talk to them about the tables.


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