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One of These Randoms Is Not Like The Others

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"Nothing works. But I can rent a car in Abu Dhabi!"

How well does it sound like Work is going for me this week? I'm not getting into it. Because technical whining sounds even more pathetic than regular whining.

Code for JPEG Exploit Released

Sayeth the Lord to Moses: Paint both sides of your door with lamb's blood. Feast on roasted lamb with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. THEN DITCH WINDOWS. [Exodus 12:8]

List of affected software. WinXP folks, patch yourself silly.

Browse Happy logo

White Wrought Iron Beetle

That would make a cool get-away car =)

I'm not a VW Beetle enthusiast. I like the old beetles slightly more than the new ones. But I'm amazed that they still run so well after all these years. And I'm in awe of the things that people do with beetles; hoisting them up into trees, roofs and other funny places, and all the different ways to decorate and modify them. It always makes me smile.

The TSX Horn

Okay, so it doesn't cause loss of bladder control like I wished it did, but I like the horn on the TSX =)

Bitch queen in a land yacht had been pissing me off for quite a stretch. She drifted in and out of my lane... and possibly consciousness too, I don't know. Then when she finally settled on my lane, she signalled to turn left at a busy intersection that was clearly marked No Left Turn Anytime. It didn't look like she had her signal on by mistake. She was stopping and intending to turn.

So, I stomped my hand on it and let'er rip =D My car let out this very satisfying


That felt good. And I gave it two more irritated blasts when she didn't get the hint =D

I rarely touch the horn at all, that's just the kind of driver I am. When I do use it, I usually do two or three very short little *mweep*s, in an "um, excuse me?" type of tone. Like if I'm the second car at the intersection and the first car didn't realize that the light turned green. Or if I'm warning someone around a blind corner to slow down because I'm there. But even then, I usually like to flash my headlights instead, if I can.


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