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Don't Ask - Turgay Fişekçi

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Sorma Bana
Author: Turgay Fişekçi
Don't Ask
Translator: Gül Erçetin
Sorma bana kimim
Nerden geldim buraya
Gözlerimdeki kirmizi bulutlar
Hangi günlerden sorma.
Don't ask me who I am
Whence I came here
Which days the red clouds
In my eyes are from, don't ask.
Elbet olmuştur geçmişte
Açıklanamaz şeyler
Bağlardan çaldığım üzümleri
Yemişimdir yaslanıp mavi göğün göğsüne
Unexplainable things
May surely have occurred in the days bygone
I may have eaten the grapes
I stole from the vineyards
Leaning against the chest of the blue sky.
Sorma bana kimim
Yaşım kaç, işim ne
Bana "seviyor musun?" de.
Başka bir şey sorma.
Don't ask me who I am
What my job is, how old I am
Just say, "Do you love me?"
And ask no more.

Turgay Fişekçi (TOOR-guy fee-SHEK-chee) is an award-winning Turkish poet. He graduated from the School of Law at the Istanbul University and is now in the printing/publishing business.

Of his three poems that I've seen the translations for, they're very much like the Li Shang-yin poems that I like. Fairly angsty, with a sprinkle of piney and goes well with tears.

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