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End-of-Project Dinner - La Terrazza

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Had an end-of-project dinner last week at La Terrazza. It was a small project so it was just dinner for three.

I had a pumpkin soup and the snapper. Pumpkin soup was excellent. The snapper was a bit on the salty side, but it was still good. Co-worker of mine got venison. Mmmm, Bambi. And supposedly, the rack of lamb was very good too =)

Conversation topics went by a mile a minute. Random cross-section:

  • How to improve the Lord of the Rings trilogy by cutting out all the scenes with Sam and Frodo. Then focus on the rest of the Fellowship while getting some kind of update on the progress of the Hobbits every once in a while. The elegant creative solution was to have Gandalf scrye it or get a few cut scenes from an orb or something. I proposed having a little news ticker thing that runs along the bottom of the screen every once in a while like a CNN update... *cue laughtrack*
  • Awesome movie ad libs: After Boromir died, Aragorn kicked the orc helmet, broke his foot and did his Primal Howl to the heavens.
  • Linguistics and how Aragorn's Elvish sounded more foreign than the other Elves in the trilogy. I'll blare it at anyone who will listen.
  • Touched on X Prize.
  • Science competition where one event was to drop an egg from x feet high, make sure it didn't break, kids making gliders and parachutes, but then there was the kid who just stuffed the egg in a paper bag with wadded up tissue and won.
  • Forgetfulness and the story of someone's mother-in-law or aunt who didn't recognize the ex she divorced years ago at a dinner party, thought he was an interesting fellow and introduced herself to him. =O Wow, what a cut for her ex.
  • 20 hour flights to Australia with food poisoning.
  • The psychology behind the necessity of Katakana which is essentially redundant.
  • Moses and the Commandments Plus in Hebrew.
  • It's dangerous to eat bitter zucchini because it contains cucurbitacins which are very toxic to humans.

Not too bad a topic selection for geeks... =)

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