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Clothes Make The What?

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Concept asks: How do you dress for work?

That was all the excuse I needed to hop over to the Candybar Doll Maker last night and play. =) They don't have exactly the things I have, but I just grabbed some similar stuff. Some of them, I have a few in different colours, different styles.

We don't have a dress code at Work other than what's legally required for safety and decency. It's a small software dev house and the non-geek staff are Admin. We have no Marketing/Sales staff. So, when the suits and ties come out, you know there's a client on site =D

Most days, I'm on the neat & tidy side of casual. I have all kinds of mix'n'match stuff: button down shirts, casual-but-nice long sleeved and short sleeved shirts. I have several pairs of Black Pants™, khaki, dark blue and dark burgundy pants that I'll switch around with.

me01 me02 me03 me08 me10 me11 me17 me18

About a third of the time, regardless of the day of the week, I throw some random comfy thing on with jeans.

me09 me19 me20 me21 me16

The far right pic: I had userinfoSkippy with me at Work once, just after she came home from the breeder's. =)

I have been to work in frumpies and fuzzy grey pants (second from the right) but it's rare. No, I don't go barefoot. =) Candybar just didn't have a pair of sneakers that looked right. I'm barefoot at home in frumpies though.

I have co-workers who never wear anything but sweats, t-shirts, frayed jeans and the like. And if Mother-in-Law didn't keep buying me nice clothes from Taiwan that really should be worn with nicer pants, I'd be in nothing but frumpies too. =)

Side note: userinfoHusband Guy's Aunt #3 is now afraid to buy me clothes anymore. =\ XD

Every once in a while, I'll wear something dressier. Usually because I haven't done laundry and have nothing else to wear.

me04 me05 me06

I wear non-descript black heels with everything, but I take them off and trot around the office in a pair of Work slippers that look something like this except more comfortable and better for my back than the wooden sole. The last year and a half, I've had a pair of black closed-toe wedge-heeled mules. Recently, I found a pair of black 3" boots and I reallyreally liked the shape of the foot, so I got them anyway on the theory that my pants will cover the ankles. I was so desperate for black shoes that almost bought a pair of black boots emblazoned with huge "HARLEY DAVIDSON" badging in brushed metal on the outside ankles because they had a very dainty and cute foot =}

Hair. I had this J. K. Rowling cut back in December 2002 and had it trimmed a little once in 2003. It's now mid-back length.


Oct. 12th, 2004 02:43 pm (UTC)
everytime someone posts that link, i go and make my own doll and then i ALWAYS accidentally click it closed and lose all the work. bah!
Oct. 12th, 2004 02:52 pm (UTC)
Oops =P


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