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I've been busy all week and I haven't had a chance to write. But I didn't want to blow my post limit.

How do I hate people?

Let me count the ways... *grump*

Well, my fear of having a humongoid wedding has been alleviated, somewhat. But that comes with its own set of issues.

See, a lot of Fiance Guy's family's friends run back and forth between here and Taiwan. We don't know where they would actually be on the day of our wedding. Hell, THEY don't know when they'll be where, they just kinda toggle whenever they feel like it. But it would be a capital offence if we didn't invite them. I've been panicking that there'd be all these people to deal with at the wedding.

My friends have been great. My parents' friends are great because a lot of them have children much older than me, they've been through the wedding planning thing and they understand the importance of RSVP'ing.

Fiance Guy's family's friends, however, are big smeggy-asses. They don't RSVP. I made Fiance Guy's family call them - each and every last one of them - and made them commit to either coming or not coming and how many. I'm so glad my Mother-in-law understands our point of view.

Now we're left with 210 guests, and if a certain crowd decides they won't be here, we'll have 200.

As much as I am relieved, we might have a problem with the restaurant. We told them approximately 25 tables. 20 isn't going over well. *sigh* I'm hoping that they'll let us pay for 25 tables and give us credit for the extra 5 tables later on.

That would be great, I'd like to have a big-ish family dinner thing on December 12 of this year for our 10th Anniversary. Fiance Guy and I have been emotionally married for 10 years already.

Guest Book - Admitting Defeat

I now understand why the scrap books and journals that claim to be "hand-made" look so crappy. Because it's infinitely easier to make crappy looking journals. =) Yeah, the one I made in the Hand-made Journal workshop looked okay; expectedly crappy-looking things will always look okay =)

The problem is that it doesn't work when you try to extend crappy to make beautiful.

My Dad sensed that my Guest-Book-making plans ha'gang agley. I don't know what gave that away... oh... my freaking and crying, maybe? We drove down to Granville Island and bought a ready made one that we were both satisfied with - one where Dad could still pen his Chinese brush calligraphy on the cover, which is the most important thing in the world to me and one that still looks decent. It's not as grand and beautiful as I envisioned, but I've accepted that the Universe sometimes doesn't lend well to re-arranging.

My Speech

The two hardest parts of my speech are 1) emotionally detaching myself from the words so I don't start crying and bawling in the middle of it and 2) practicing the Cantonese enough so that I can do it without tripping over every two words.

My speech is just a big fat Thank You and not much more. But even so, I tried to make it meaningful to me, my family and Fiance Guy's family. I'm mentioning some things that really tug at my own heart strings here. I find it particularly hard because my family doesn't fit into what other people might call A Loving Family, but underneath it all, the four of us (my Mom, my Dad, my brother and I) share the strongest bond there ever existed.

In English and Mandarin, you can say exactly what you've written. Prose and speech are one and the same. In Cantonese, you would never say things the way you write it. It would sound much too smarmy, stuck up and just plain awful. But because Cantonese is just a dialect, there is no way to write some of the expressions into words. IOW, there are no characters, it's impossible to "write Cantonese".

So, the Cantonese parts of my speech will have to be by memory and on the fly. I'm really nervous at the thought of having to make something up on the fly, on that day. Balls of nerves don't make things up well.

Table Arrangements

The tables are pretty much set. There are one or two spots open here and there, but there's not much we can do about that. There are 5 extra tables open. If Aunt Edith and her family decide to come, we'll have room for a bit of rearranging... We'll see what to do with these after tonight, depending on what the restaurant manager says about saving the credit for another time.

Family Picture Groupings

I had a list of pictures we're taking. Certain people have to be in our wedding pictures, it was just a matter of figuring out the order and grouping them together. In general, we're getting the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer ones done first because they're little and don't cooperate when they're hungry. Grandparents will go next so that they can go for lunch, then the family members that are only in one or two pics, then all the people that have a crud-load of pictures to do.


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