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easter's Dad

weather: partially sunny
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mood: *ROTFL*
easter had warned me that she shares the computer with other members of her family and if I find her ignoring me, it could be the others using the computer, but forgetting to log her off. =D I saw "her" online and decided to start talking =)

Session Start (bride:easter): Sat Oct 23 15:01:10 2004
[15:01] bride: okay, XYZ is lame!

A few minutes go by and I realize that it might be her Dad.

[15:05] bride: erm... Hi easter's Dad *wave* =D

A few more minutes go by.

[15:08] easter: hi!
[15:08] easter: sorry. she's not here.
[15:09] bride: that's alright, Sir =)
[15:09] easter: J---- is fine...I'll tell her it's lame.
[15:09] easter: Take care!
[15:09] bride: haha =)
[15:09] bride: thank you =)
[15:09] *** "easter" signed off at Sat Oct 23 15:09:24 2004.
Session Close (easter): Sat Oct 23 15:09:47 2004

Okay, so I'm just way too easily amused, but "I'll tell her it's lame" just totally cracked me up. I can see him rolling his eyes at the ceiling thinking, "girls... sheesh..." too XD =D =D

BTW, Daae, I could never be on a first name basis with my friends' parents. It's my Chinese upbringing, that feels way too disrespectful and I can't bring myself to do it even if I'm asked to. Usually, it's "Aunt Maria" and "Uncle Marco", etc. The most informal I've ever done was to attach "-Mom" or "-Dad" to the end of their names. Like "Shirley-Mom" and "Bill-Dad". =)


Oct. 24th, 2004 04:06 pm (UTC)
Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes, the message was passed on to me what you found lame. :) My Dad can be a riot!

I still call friend's parents "Mr." and "Mrs." Even my best friends' parents are "Mom" and "Dad" rather than their first names. It's so weird, too, because Sarah is a teacher and when I go out with her and her co-workers they've told me to address them as "Mary" and "Mick," etc. Some of these people were my teachers too so I generally just mumble ahhherrrr.

I have a little second cousin who is fourteen, and her mom didn't want her to call *me* by my first name because there's a fourteen year age gap! Her mom tried to make her call me "Aunt Dayna" but I absolutely put my foot down as I felt it would create a gap between us that I don't feel the need to empahasize.
Oct. 24th, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
Yeah, my cousin, Stephen is still "Cousin Stephen" to me =)


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