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Gratuitous Cockatiel Post

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We finally caught userinfoSid doing the most hilarious stuff:

In order: 1) big black angel wings; 2) looking like a retarded bat; 3) phase shifting in and out of this universe; 4) a headless ball of feathers (he had his head bent backwards cleaning feathers on his back).

It's kinda sad to see how bald he is in his armpits because he's been plucking his own feathers out. He'll be cleaning himself under the wings and suddenly you'll hear this *SQUACK!*. When we hear him, we call his name sharply and he'll stop to look up at us. Sometimes, he goes back to it, but other times, that's enough to stop him. We'll try to go over and chat with him to take his mind off picking. It works when we're home and actually doing it, but I think he still does it when we're not around on the weekdays during the day. It's better now that Mother-in-Law is around, but she can't always be there to stop him every time either. ={

What's really interesting is I noticed userinfoSkippy chirping sharply at him when he picks too! =O =D She did that twice yesterday when I was doing dishes. I yelled "SID!" a few times from the kitchen to stop him. Then I heard:

Sid: *SQUACK!*
Skippy: *CHEEP!*

And when I turned to look, Sid had looked up from picking. That happened twice. =O =D Heehee, she's helping. Pretty nifty! =)

He's started playing with ... well, he attacks his toys, both the tassel tree (the loops made out of rope in his cage) and the plastic bell balls (in the upper left corner of the pictures). He does his angry squeaking when he's attacking it. I know he's pissed, but we have to ask Dr. MacDonald if it's better for him to be attacking stuff and possibly being stressed out or plucking himself, breaking skin and possibly getting an infection.

On a happier note: userinfoSid has now added a laughing, giggling noise to his repertoire. This new one sounds like *KEEkeekeekeekee* *KEEkeekeekeekee*. It must be from all the laughing we do in the house around the birds. =)

And when he's being really playful, he and I will do the wolf whistle duet =) He did the first note, stopped and stared at me. So, I did the second note to remind him, stupidly thinking that he had maybe forgotten or something. He did the first note again. I did the second note. Then I did the first note AND HE FOLLOWED WITH THE SECOND NOTE!!! And we went back and forth like that. OMG, that was just SO SO COOL. =D

We brought them both out at the same time one day just to see if they'd socialize and play together. We took them both into the TV room and put them both on the floor so that they'd both be on neutral territory and on the same level (ie. neither was higher up than the other, so neither was given the height dominance). They largely ignored each other and played by themselves. A few times, Skippy tried to go over to Sid, but he got all defensive at her.

Another time we tried, Skippy was hopping around all over. She happened to skitter by him. She didn't even touch him, but it must have raised his blood pressure through the roof because we found a small drop of blood under him after he walked away a little. It must have come from a small picking wound on the edge of his right wing that had scabbed over, but not quite. *BIGSIGH*

But we did get a picture of them together... sort of. And while userinfoHusband Guy lay on his tummy playing with userinfoSid, userinfoSkippy climbed onto his butt XD

Skippy was being a sprinkler again. She dips her beak into her water cup and shakes her head, throwing water every which way. Of course, when you try to catch her doing it (4M; uncompressed AVI), she won't do it anymore. But the face plant and the squat-poop was funny =) Heh, this is the most recent AVI of her. Compare. =)

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