The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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weather: rainshowers
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Wow. Wowowowowow.

So, userinfoSid walks up onto my lap when I'm sitting down, no problem. I was wearing my olive green sweater. I noticed that he could bite as hard as he wanted on my forearm and it wouldn't hurt me a bit. I hid my hand in the sleeve, gave him my arm and said, "up". He gave it one open mouthed hack and walked up.

=O =O

He didn't fly away. He just sat on my forearm, then moved to my wrist. I walked downstairs very slowly to userinfoHusband Guy with him on my wrist. He sat very quietly just looking around. It took a little effort to switch arms. I had to say "up" a few times before he would stop biting and walk up onto the other arm. But, eventually, he was even comfortable enough that the crest feathers came down and he started grooming himself.

Then he saw the buttons on my sweater, it's like a polo-shirt style neckline. And he played with the buttons. I have never seen him play nicely with anything before, he always attacks things.

This little guy blows my mind. He's stepping up. And he's playing now.

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