The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

My 30th

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So. I'm 30.

According to my parents, I am now — starting this very minute — allowed to have a boyfriend. =)

I have no problems with my age and I don't care who knows it. I've never really felt old for remembering whatever it is that places me at whatever point in prehistory. As an attribute of my self — or anyone else for that matter — I find this number among the least meaningful of the lot. I've always felt disjoint from my chronological age anyway.

My mandatory Turning 30 spiel:

If you haven't lived very long with a ball of gravity at your feet 24x7x365, be mindful of what you say to those who have. It's easy for the Baby Girl Feminists in us to pass judgement on what we should and should not think or do because, y'know, you read it on The Internet. But to live it, is a whole other thing. You think you know and understand. Then it actually happens to you.

... which is more directed at me than anyone else. These things usually are.

Anyway. Hippo Birdies to: diannadinoble, supersat, regina_anne2001, rednetra, beth666ann, Winona Ryder and all the rest of the Ten-Twenty-Ninth Battalion™!

Hyeesh, the internet is just teeming with Ten-Twenty-Ninth kids... =D =)

Thanks for the hippo birdies, pne =)

And, THANK YOU!! to everyone else =)


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