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Since Ghost Stories Are In Season

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I had the thought to write this down as it happened, just for interest's sake. But somehow, I never got A Round Tuit™. So now, A Square Tuit™ will have to do:

One Saturday morning, approximately late this summer or early autumn, I went down to the kitchen and found the bottle of honey on the floor. It's usually on the counter, somewhat close to the edge, but there's really no way it could fall.

There was honey splattered on the lower cupboard doors and on the floor as well. As if someone threw it or dropped it.

I hadn't used this new bottle of honey since the guys got it.

userinfoHusband Guy and I had gone to bed pretty early the night before. He'd been working late all week and I was kinda having trouble sleeping again, so we decided to pack it in early. If we had dropped the honey and made that big of a mess, it would have been cleaned before we went to bed. We definitely would not have left that.

Brother-in-Law Dude was out until the wee hours Saturday morning. I truly doubt he was in a state to be using the honey when he got home. I asked him and he said he went straight to bed when he got home. He didn't get up until almost mid-day.

Mother-in-Law was in Taiwan until mid-October. There shouldn't have been anyone else in the house.

Then shortly after the honey incident, userinfoHusband Guy was in the kitchen one morning getting breakfast and he said he distinctly heard the front door deadbolt thump (either fasten or unfasten). He went out to look but the deadbolt was fastened. Then when he was back in the kitchen, he said he heard a rustle like someone was flipping the page of a newspaper. The noise was coming from the study in the front of the house, right by the front door.

This room is also where we have a small, simple shrine for Grandma Jing-Tsun. Just her picture and a few belongings. It was her desk (sort of) when she was alive. It's just a desk pad with pictures of all the grandchildren on it, a few trinkets, etc. No ancestral plaque or burning incense sticks or anything. Nothing elaborate.

She used to 唸經 at that desk. Hmm... "recite scriptures" is what my dictionary says for 唸經. Let's try 念佛. Ah, "recite Buddhist sutras as prayer". Better. =)

She did use the honey quite a bit when she was alive too.

I'm not superstitious. It's bad luck to be superstitious. But all the same, I bowed three times in front of her picture to pay my respects and the strange happenings then seemed to stop.

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